Tankless Water Heaters

Are you always running out of hot water?

Being in the plumbing business that's a complaint I hear quite frequently. The last person in the house to take a shower in the morning whether it's Mom, Dad or one of the kids gets a minute and a half of hot water before it's gone. The same when anyone is doing laundry.

Does that sound like you?

If so, you might consider installing a tankless water heater, especially if you're using natural gas. You'll never run out of hot water again as well as saving up to 30% per year on fuel costs because you'll be heating water only when you need it. Despite the increases in efficiency in conventional water heaters, all of them still heat water 24 hours a day, whether you're taking a shower, sleeping, at work, or away for the weekend. Tankless water heaters start when you need them and turn off when you don't, just like your stove, clothes washer or dryer.

You decide when to and when not to use the appliance, as opposed to it just operating on it's own.

Tankless water heaters however do not provide the same level of customer satisfaction in every home due to how they operate, I do suggest reading Is a tankless water heater a good choice for my home? before making a decision to purchase one.

I first started installing tankless units in the summer of 2000, back when the only available unit was the old Bosch 125B. Those first models had only a standing pilot light and a simple flow valve that operated them, they were good for their time but very rudimentary when compared to what's offered now. We had a lot of fun getting those early units up and running but the end result was still pretty crude. The customer support at that time consisted of about 3-4 different people and we were all on a first name basis after a couple of months.

The performance and reliability of tankless has improved greatly since then due to the popularity of these units and the volume sold. For instance none of them use a pilot light anymore, they're all electronic ignition. Manufacturers such as Paloma and Rinnai have incorporated smart technology that continually monitors the heater's combustion, provides error codes if there's a problem, and shuts the heater down if any dangerous conditions occur. There's even remote thermostats where you can change your water temperature right from the shower.

Tankless water heaters will always work better in some homes than in others, a lot of it depends on the size and age of the water supply piping, water pressure, natural gas supply and other factors. Proper sizing remains crucial, since an undersized unit won't be able to keep up with demand. If the water heater can be placed as close as possible to the main points of usage that helps cut down waiting times. Every home is different, but most customers end up very happy with their purchase, provided the system is designed and installed correctly.

If you're interested in purchasing and installing a tankless system, or just need help determining whether or not one is right for you, please call me. We can talk about your specific needs, overall pricing and then set up an appointment for a free consultation in your home if you'd like an estimate.