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During my not inconsiderable time online and in life, I have come across points of interest. Maybe some might interest you.

Stuff in the Albany area.

Orange Street Cats
88 cats rescued from a collapsing home on Orange Street, Albany, NY.

Sake Cafe
Sushi, Sashimi, and a full menu of Japanese and Thai dishes. The crispy duck is the finest I've ever tasted, and the best part is that their Slingerlands location is only 5 minutes from our offices.

Frank Webb's Bath Centers
At least as far as plumbing goes, this is one of my favorite places to shop. Great quality products and a knowledgeable staff. We're lucky to have one of these in the Capital District. It's located on Erie Boulevard just off 787 in Albany.

USS Slater
Guided tours of the only remaining World War Two destroyer escort. When I visited it I was lucky enough to meet one of the veterans who served on one of these amazing ships. A priceless piece of history right here in Albany.

Stuff a little farther away.

Gem Farms Buffalo
The largest herd of buffalo in New York State. Also probably the only herd buffalo in New York State. Come watch the Buffalo. Buffalo steaks are delicious, just make sure to follow the cooking instructions exactly if you choose to try them.

Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome
One of the largest collections of vintage aircraft in the world. Weekend air shows from June through October, you can also schedule a ride in a vintage open topped biplane if you feel your heart isn't beating fast enough.

Stuff Online

Big Chill Appliances
Remodeling a kitchen and want a vintage look? Big Chill has everything you need.

John Bridge
The best DIY ceramic tile site on the net. Tutorials forums and more.

Heating Help
Dan Holohan’s hydronic heating website remains in a class of its own, as does the man himself.

Water Heater Explosion
See what happens when a T&P valve gets plugged up.

Bradford White
The king of water heaters

Vintage Leather Jackets
Man that website needs an update, but these incredible craftsmen took apart every antique leather jacket they could find, made new patterns and are creating exact duplicates. Right down to the stitching and linings.

James Lileks’ life long collection of advertising ephemera. Old motels, restaurants and more, accompanied by some very well-written commentary. An old favorite that can draw you in for hours at a time.

Hercules the Liger
At ten feet long and weighing in at one thousand pounds, Hercules is the heavyweight champ of lion/tiger hybrids.

The Philco 1958 Predicta
Everyone remembers the television set from the 50’s where the picture tube sat in a yoke. Here is how to restore one.